Retail Tragedy and Triumph

Prescott retail commercial real estateNo, the dark moments of 2008 are not yet behind us. The Prescott and Prescott Valley, Arizona retail markets appear to be booming…emphasis on “appear.”

Looks can be, and often are, deceiving. Our local retail shopping centers we may be repeating history by overbuilding in a flat market that cannot sustain the economic demands of retailers.

Hearing the Giant Sucking Sound

Prescott and Prescott Valley are now two distinct retail markets with minimal consumer crossover. Frontier Village was Yavapai County’s first major retail mall. Prior to its development consumers shopped at what was then called “Ponderosa Plaza” located on Gail Gardner Way between Willow Creek Road and Iron Springs Road. At this point in retail history, Prescott Valley was still in a state of retail infancy.

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Using Google Docs in the CRE World

All of us have exchanged documents. Back and forth they go…tracking…red-lining…renaming…phoning the other party for clarification and, in the end, many times, we simply end up saddling ourselves with another job managing multiple versions of an original document.

Off-and-on for the past couple of years I have been experimenting with how I might use Google Docs in commercial real estate. I have collaborated with Brokers and clients on performance spreadsheets, operating budgets and even listing agreements via the document sharing and editing features of Google Docs.

The Upside. The upside of Google Docs is that I can truly control my documents…a true plus to any CRE Broker!

Another great positive feature is that I can literally control who sees my document by giving them web access.
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Marcus & Millichap Market Udate

Here is an opportunity to update your market knowledge via a recent online webcast sponsored by Marcus & Millichap, entitled “2010 Office and Industrial Market Outlook and Investment Strategies Webcast.”

The information provided here is better than the far-reaching and biased reports I have read, while giving some real signals as to where the commercial property and capital markets are headed.

Click the image below to be taken to the pre-recorded webcast.

This presentation is Copyright © 2010, Marcus & Millichap and is used for educational and editorial purposes.

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Break from the Pack Marketing Models

the lone wolf 200Traditional commercial real estate marketing seems to be experiencing erosion.


Because many of the old models don’t work well in an increasingly collaborative world where people want to have a relationship and role in the creation of their investment outcomes, that’s why.

How is your property being marketed? How quickly can you turn the message and communicate change to thousands of people in a moment of time? These are huge questions for property owners.

In the marketing of your property are you running with the big dogs or licking with the pups? How can you break from the pack in 2010 and beyond enabling you to run with the big dogs?

Meet the Puppies Lickin’ and Playin’ on the Porch

When it comes to commercial real estate marketing, there are pups on the porch lickin’ and there are big dogs in the fields runnin’.
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