Expertise is a Commodity

Posted by Donald Teel, Arizona Commercial

Ours has become a business culture and climate often made up of the lack of economic appreciation for many things and it seems there is a growing unwillingness to recognize the value of expertise, service and product quality and to mistakenly perceive that all things are open to negotiation. Or, worse yet, there is often a perception that all things are of equal value.

With a declining real estate market there is a mistaken notion that the value of commercial expertise is somehow diminished when instead its inherent value is increased due to the complexity of the market.

Often, when a client attempts to negotiate the cost my expertise downward, there is a corresponding decrease in my desire to commit resources, creativity and indeed the labor necessary to accomplish a stated objective. Accomplishing a client’s objectives is difficult in good markets; in bad markets the required disciplne is often excruciating.

Watch the humor but catch the economic drift of this YouTube video produced by Scofield Editorial, Inc. and entitled, The Vendor Client Relationship.

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