Leupp: REITs Signal Beginning of 3-5 Year Recovery in Commercial Property

Jay Paul Leupp, founder of Grubb & Ellis, talks with Bloomberg’s Julie Hyman and Mark Crumpton about the outlook for the U.S. commercial real estate market. Leupp also discusses his investment strategy and prospects for Associated Estates Realty Corp. and Sun Communities Inc. (Source: Bloomberg)

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Break from the Pack Marketing Models

the lone wolf 200Traditional commercial real estate marketing seems to be experiencing erosion.


Because many of the old models don’t work well in an increasingly collaborative world where people want to have a relationship and role in the creation of their investment outcomes, that’s why.

How is your property being marketed? How quickly can you turn the message and communicate change to thousands of people in a moment of time? These are huge questions for property owners.

In the marketing of your property are you running with the big dogs or licking with the pups? How can you break from the pack in 2010 and beyond enabling you to run with the big dogs?

Meet the Puppies Lickin’ and Playin’ on the Porch

When it comes to commercial real estate marketing, there are pups on the porch lickin’ and there are big dogs in the fields runnin’.
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Magnetism – Creating Center Value through more Consumer Exposure

shopping center magnetI read with a great deal of interest “Bright Ideas for Driving Traffic” in the February, 2010 issue of Shopping Centers Today magazine.

The relevance of the piece was the central focus of creating consumer recognition and value…what else is new in the shopping center marketing game?

What captured my attention in the article was the renewed interest in utilizing events and promotions as a traffic magnet for center impressions in the minds of consumers, tenant recognition and of course, foot-traffic.
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The Grubb & Ellis Commercial Real Estate Report for 2010…NICE!


Posted by Donald Teel, Arizona Commercial

As we plunge into 2010, commercial real estate market knowledge and a grasp of trends has become an even more essential component to successful investment. If you are a commercial broker/agent it is a requirement.

Grubb & Ellis has put together a top-notch report that analyzes the commercial markets throughout the United States, region-by-region, major-market-by-major-market and property type by property type.

Not only is the data supporting the analysis accurate and well researched, G&E’s online presentation is perhaps the best I have ever seen and is a definitive tool for assessing the regional and local markets for investors and brokerage firms.

In short, I am using the online tool which features a drag-and-drop approach, allowing the user to select a regional sector, a local market and a specific property type report for immediate download.

grubbellis-albq retail

For example, here you will see G&E’s 2010 market report for the retail sector in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

It’s a concise report that includes simplified graphics, it is easy to read and understand by any investor or broker and it lacks the typical long read format used in most commercial reports.

Another benefit of G&E’s approach is that users can also download the entire report or cherry pick the reports they want by region, state, property type, etc.

This report format model is an excellent approach, allowing those of us in the industry to locate the information we want in a precise and easy to follow manner.

Whether you are an investor or a commercial broker/agent the information has value and accessing it has never been easier. The limitation to the reports is seen in the fact that some markets are not included. However, use of the reports for trend analysis is but one obvious benefit.

Here is the link to the Grubb & Ellis online interactive 2010 report, including the national map of regions, states and major markets included in their coverage.


Donald Teel is Senior Associate with Arizona Commercial, an Arizona commercial brokerage and property management firm. Need more information? Please call 1-877-777-9100 or, if you prefer, you may email Donald Teel