Tenant Protection When Landlord’s Property Is Foreclosed!


 I’ve mentioned the SNDA in previous posts (Subordination, Non-Disturbance, and  Attornment). The ND portion refers to non-disturbance of the tenant’s right to have its lease  recognized as valid in the event of the foreclosure of a senior trust deed. The S refers to the  Subordination clause and the A refers to the Attornment clause. I’ll discuss the Subordination  and Attornment clauses in separate blog posts. From the Tenant’s standpoint, the non-disturbance clause (“ND”) is most important. 

The use of the Non-Disturbance Agreement depends on the timing of the recording of the trust deed and the recording date of the lease (or the recording of a Short Form Notice of Lease) ,collectively “Notice”. Usually neither the Tenant nor the Landlord want the whole lease recorded. The lease may or may not provide for the recording of a Short Form Notice of Lease. As a Tenant you may want a Notice recorded. Check with your attorney for advice.
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Commercial Foreclosure – Next Exit

foreclosure-extiWe cannot ignore the serious potential for commercial foreclosures inherent in the financial market today. To do so would be disingenuous and a violation of ethical standards related to client fiduciary.

What is the state of the commercial foreclosure market?

Will we see mortgage defaults in the commercial sector? Will the degree of defaults parallel the residential market collapse.

Sand State Foreclosures. Nevada, Arizona, California and Florida, the so-called “sand states” are experiencing the beginning of what can only be described as a plummet (my word).

According to the Las Vegas Sun, April 2, 2009, 25% of Las Vegas commercial real estate is troubled and Commercial properties valued at a whopping $7.885 billion are in trouble in Las Vegas as casinos struggle under the weight of the recession and office buildings and shopping malls lose or are unable to find tenants.

This phenomenon is being replicated in each of the “Sand States” as the federal government’s promised mortgage financing relief continues to be illusive to commercial investors.
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