Prime Commerce Center Office and Parcel

Prescott’s Commerce Center is one of the market’s most sought after upscale commercial locations.

Two prime properties are now being offered for sale and these offerings both front on the Prescott Lakes Parkway.

Corner Office Building

This 5,616 SF property is immaculate and well positioned at the entrance to the Commerce Center.

Currently the home of the Daily Courier newspaper, the office affords large open spaces, large entry statement reception area and a variety of large and small offices complemented by conference areas.

CPNA Daily Courier Office Building

This office building sits on 1.87 acres at the entrance to the Prescott Commerce Center. Its expansive design and modern motif set it apart as one-of-a-kind property. [Read more…]

Road Kill: Tenant Trough, Part 1

Driving gives me an opportunity to think about what I am doing, some of the challenges we are facing in the buisness and how my clients can weather what I call “The Tenant Trough.” Rather than simply tool down the long and winding road, I have decided to utilize my drive times by engaging in a little Commercial Real Estate Road Kill.

The following video was shot on a recent drive to Phoenix and is the first of what I hope will be a regular feature entitled CRE Road Kill. In this installment, I am addressing what I call the Tenant Trough, what it is the problems it creates for owners. In Part 2 I will talk about solutions…stay tuned.

Merriam-Webster defines “trough” as follows:

  • a long and narrow or shallow channel or depression (as between waves);
  • the minimum point of a complete cycle of a periodic function;
  • the low point in a business cycle

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Battle of the Bulge – Buying Down the Bloat

bloatedWant to know what I think? There is not going to be some cataclysmic, spin-on-a-dime turn-around for small and medium commercial real estate owners. This time, like no other time, we are in a long haul climb up the cliff face of mount cash-flow.

We are in a kind of real estate battle of the bulge. We have too much space (the bulge) and not enough users to quickly alleviate the bloat of vacancies. It is true, we have seen some spurts and sputters, which have caused some to optimistically think and even say, “The recession is over, we’re coming out of it.”

Everything I read, hear, view and all of my experiences at the street level are telling me the battle of the bulge is not over and the trick of trade for survivors is the ability to buy cash flow and to buy it now. Yes, you heard it correctly. Owners need to change their posture and assume a position of cash flow deal makers.
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Magnetism – Creating Center Value through more Consumer Exposure

shopping center magnetI read with a great deal of interest “Bright Ideas for Driving Traffic” in the February, 2010 issue of Shopping Centers Today magazine.

The relevance of the piece was the central focus of creating consumer recognition and value…what else is new in the shopping center marketing game?

What captured my attention in the article was the renewed interest in utilizing events and promotions as a traffic magnet for center impressions in the minds of consumers, tenant recognition and of course, foot-traffic.
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